The content of this website is based solely on my experiences and observations growing up, going to school, working, and starting businesses in a section of northern California that came to be known as Silicon Valley.

I moved from the little town of Covington Georgia to Palo Alto California, population of approximately 8000, in 1944. We my mother and I were waiting for my father to return from the Navy. My father was on a minesweeper in the North China Sea. I went to Lytton elementary school bordered by Lytton Ave., University Avenue, and Middlefield Road. We lived in a small three room apartment on Everett Street in the center of Palo Alto. My father was discharged from the Navy in 1945. Work was difficult to find so my father got a job driving a taxi for yellow cab Company in Palo Alto. My father before and during his time in the Navy was a fast pitch softball player. At this time a small fledgling company in Palo Alto called Hewlett-Packard had a softball team that needed a pitcher. They asked my father to play for them and a little while later hired him to work in the mechanical assembly group; he was one of the first 70 employees at Hewlett-Packard Company. I remember as a kid that the other kids asked me where my father worked, when I told them Hewlett Packard Company they would want to know if he was building Packard automobiles.

I also went to work at Hewlett-Packard Company in 1955 working part-time in the maintenance department while going to college. I left Hewlett-Packard in 1956 to join the United States Army I ended up teaching in the nuclear missile school at Fort Bliss Texas in El Paso Texas.

When I was discharged in 1959 I was rehired by Hewlett Packard to work in the R & D Lab in the Tool Engineering Department. I became a special machine designer. This job was to design equipment or tools to solve quality problems or manufacturing problems that came up in the design or production process. I transferred to the Paco Division and became the manager of the wide band head group. It was here that I became aware that something unique was starting to occur in the way business was being conducted in this area of the country.

I left Hewlett Packard Company in December of 1969 to help form Sinnott Company a startup company being funded by DuPont Corporation. In December of 1970 I left Sinnott to form the first one of my companies which I named Intra Fab.


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